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Although the service is about preventing admission to care, it also has a remit to ensure that entries are planned and appropriate. It also facilitates returns home after a period of accommodation. Google places reviews Project D runs along similar lines to Project C. There is an initial assessment visit made to the family on referral.

The project like to assess the situation themselves and see if it has changed since the family initially approached social services for help. They also need to check the familys perception of the problem, and what they want help with. Workers will do individual work, usually with the young persons mother since fathers are more often at work or unwilling to engage. They will also do individual work with the young person, as well as family work. The input usually lasts between three and six months.

The work is reviewed on a monthly basis. Project E provides a service similar to that offered by projects C and D, providing support for children in need, aged 10–18, and their families. The project works with young people individually, with the whole family and sibling groups, and with groups of parents and young people as part of a network of flexible, innovative and responsive community-based support services. The service aims to support families in difficulty, respond to the needs of families in crisis, prevent family breakdown, and to divert young people from local authority accommodation. Where young people have been accommodated they try and help them to return to their families or communities and to reduce the amount of time they spend in accommodation.

The work begins with a written agreement meeting when project staff discuss with parents and the young person what changes they would like, what the issue is and what they would like to see it change to. The project input is mainly directed at the young person, with the social worker carrying out the family work. However, in practice the worker will engage with the whole family.

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