What guarantees are to be taken to the services provided by the clients ?

According to the auditing standards revision of 2002, it was decided that the accounting auditor must express an audit opinion also about the possibility and the important question of going concern of the audit company. The possibility of this going concern has become one of the main purpose of the audit is the reason why in recent years of australia seo services auditing is said to audit of going concern (going concern).

In order to respond to accounting fraud that was frequently in the United States the United States of legislation that was enacted auditor independence, the company of responsibility, such as strengthening of the disclosure of financial information for the purpose. Japan is also in the company applies this law to companies listed shares in the US management of the oath to the financial report, it has been mandated construction and evaluation of internal control. Its name is derived from the US lawmakers of the name of two people who submitted the bill.

Especially in Japan, it is called the United States Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It became a problem all over the world the accounting system as rocked from root, from reflection of the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals, seeking strengthening of internal control of the company, it is a law that was enacted in July 2002. A feature of this law, which has become the pillar is a strengthening of penalties. Specifically, it is as follows, has become a fairly heavy content.

Also Another feature is a leading audit firm is seeing heavy that was involved in a series of incidents, it can be mentioned that the provisions of the order to ensure the independence for the audit firm is provided. Involvement in the fraud of Arthur Andersen in the Enron incident is probably the main example. In response to this, in 2006 in Japan, provisions on compliance and internal control has been incorporated into the part of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

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