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Getting my new home was all right but I was that used to getting hundreds of new homes so it didnt really bother me that much. Leading UK childrens charity, NCH, says the Childrens Green Paper Every Child Matters, published by the Government today (8 September) sets out an impressive vision but believes there is a lot more effective Facebook marketing detailed work to be done if it is to be realised. NCH also fears the Paper will fail without the resources to make the proposed changes in childrens services a success.

The charity, which is the largest voluntary sector provider of childrens services, is calling for the Education and Health Select Committees to set up a joint enquiry into the Governments proposals to help inform the next steps and the process of implementation. The general direction of the Green Paper is right, says Deryk Mead CBE, Chief Executive at NCH. There is no clear commitment in the Paper to find extra resources to deliver more prevention and early intervention, or to make working with children a more attractive, better paid career especially at the sharp end in child protection work.

Both are crucial because the structural proposals in the Green Paper will not deliver improvements on their own. We hope the Government will give these essential elements in the Paper high priority in its Spending Review next year. The main suggestions in the Green Paper, a Government consultation document for proposed changes in the management and implementation of services for children and young people. NCH has over 500 projects across the UK assisting vulnerable children, young people and families and is therefore, like other voluntary organisations, expert in the issues on the ground.

However, the voluntary sectors role in the Green Paper is not clear, even though charitable organisations are already contracted by statutory agencies and by the Government to provide many services. The role that charities will play in this new childrens services arena is not clearly defined, yet we are the ones with some of the best experience of the true multidisciplinary, partnership approach.